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Fished out of Fair Haven on Saturday, started straight out in 120 and worked west to the silos. In the first hours we picked up two small kings and then started to work east. From the chite to moon beach we pulled 1 small steely and had 3 other fish up and running only to come unbuttoned. We wanted to turn around and work shallower on the west troll but got cut off andwere forced to go out deeper, it was a good thing we got cut off cause we stumbled onto a school of majors. We were able to land 4 that were between 27 and 31 on the boat scale. Hot items were clear green dot spinny w/ al capone siggs, chrome green dot w/ mystery siggs, chrome black dot w/ monster siggs, chartreuse mountain dew spinny w/ siggs frog and a jv cheerleader setup. Had to youngers guys on the boat who did a good job even when they saw the big boys in the prop wash! The smallest one even managed to win a lenghty battle with a mature on the 500 copper. Some pics below...






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