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Ok, I heard these are going to be discontinued so I picked up six of them. Never used them....they seem a little heavy, so how should I use these? Good spring planer spoon? Staging salmon spoon? or for casting? Give me some ideas, speed etc.

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caught many kings and steelies over the years trolling them at typical summer trolling speeds. As heavy as they are they seem to be quite speed tolerant.

One summer back in the late 90's a #3 loco, yellow with yellow fish scale tape was my single best spoon that season. Though you wouldn't think of that color as a big king color, they just tore it up. When I think to put it down it still catches fish, problem is I don't put it out much anymore, too many new toys the play with.

Alpena Diamonds, Luhr Jensen Flutterspoons and Evil Eye Monarchs are some other old school spoons that still catch lots of fish if they are ever put in the water.


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