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A nice 8 pointer


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Just thought I would post a pic of a really nice 8 pointer I got the third day of southern tier bow season. It was a very large bodied deer it dressed out at 183 lbs. I was unable to bow hunt the first two days of the season because saturday I was up north muzzle loading and sunday I was hanging a tree stand for bow season so monday I was ready and after being in my stand for only 30 min this nice buck came right to my stand to within 5 yards then turned and started to walk away and stopped at about 15 yards and gave me a great quartering away shot. It went about 100 yards then stood up on it's hind legs and fell on his back, boy what a site that was. The rack would have been perfect but one point on his right side was shorter than the other, only about an inch. It was a little over 20 inches wide.


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That's hilarious runnin rebel! Yeah that may be a new trend in deer hunting now, lol. This deer was actually at my truck drinking beer with me and when he least expected it and got intoxicated I shot him, poor old deer. He still had a can underneath him as evidence.

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You just gave them an IDEA of a new way to hunt in New Jersey. VELCRO an open beer to the arrow---shoot at deer---then get a N.J. officer w/experience in BLOOD/ALCHOHOL identification.

Let me clear this up... if beer is gonna be involved in hunting while in NJ, usually your drinkin :beer: while driving (preferably at night) on the highway and hitting them with ur truck. No need for shootin out the window while Earl holds the light.. (like in Greene NY) BTW if your lucky enuf to score, the State police will issue a transportation tag for your troubles so you can take your kill home :yes::yes:

Great buck, congrats :yes::yes:

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