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gander mountain has a bunch onsale 55 lb thrust transom mount 225... they also have like a 40 and 22 lb for cheaper...if you go to the bow mount troling motor area there are many on clearance.....1/2 off lowest ticketed price. I bought a 40lb thrust minn kota edge for 149.00. Comes with everything bolts manuals...mount and foot control the only thing wrong was the box was f'd up. i looked inside and sure enough it was perfect and un f'd up. they had another 40lb like the one i.bought and a few 55 lb thrust. i think the 55 lb were 1/2 off 399.00. just a heads up for you guys if your interested. By the way that was at the tonawanda store.

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First off, sorry i used the same name on here, i didn't know there was a lil troller already here.

I have a 14' lonestar that i fish from and a 14' mfg that a hasn't seen water since i bought it. My lonestar is about half the weight of the mfg. It came with a 35hp that wouldn't troll down so i sold that and ran twin 2hps for the first year and got a 5hp honda the next year. granted i can't get her on plane, but it will troll all day on 3 gallons of gas. If you are talking about putting a gas kicker on your boat the weight on one side may be an issue, plus you loose precious freeboard with more weight back there. If your thinking electric, they do make an electric trolling motor that mounts to the lower unit of your main engine. It is pricey, but you may be able to find a used one. The other option would be to repower with a 4-stoke small enough to go as slow as you need but still get you on plane. probably 20hp i would guess, or even larger may still troll down. hope this helps.

lil' troller (with an apostrophe lol)

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