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seneca 11 /11


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kermer and i went fishing today on seneca and went 12 for 15, on a mix bag of lakers and landlocks....riggers down 83 to 96 and wires out 230 and 250.....we fish anywhere from 96 out to 175 fow......all fish came on big weenie flys...


bubble butt fly


shark week fly


whistling d:ck fly


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Great day on the water! Jason made the call at the last second to go north a bit - we both agreed since the south end was slower than usual. :yes: Got our first hit before we had everything out. Fast action in the morning, which warmed us up in the cool morning, then slower later in the day. Jason had a double on one rod around noon, pretty cool to see that. :clap: Several large fish with some smaller ones mixed in - but we dropped 2 more really nice ones. :@ Only kept a couple for the grill, the rest were released to be caught again.

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Jason, Picked up a ton of the new stuff for 2011, start prodution tomorow ( saturday ) Will have some in the mail first of the week. Smoking hot looking.Big Weenie EXXXTREME.

Hmmm, must come shipped in a plain brown wrapper huh? :lol:

PS: Nice fish Jason, great day on the water

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