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Just Fishin'

Alaska June 2010

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As we sit in the winter boredom with an impending snowstorm I am daydreaming and have a chance to put up some pictures of my summer trip to Alaska.

We attended the Kenai Fishing Academy for a week. This is an abbreviated version of what all Kenai River guides must take to be certified on the river. They say it is the most regulated body of water in the world, and I believe it!.

As part of the trip we did a flyout to a remote lake for Lakers and Dolly Varden.



That was my first ever attempt at fly fishing and I must say I really enjoyed it. Caught so many Dolly Varden that we couldn't keep count.


This was a view from the plane that we took on the way over to the lake. I took over 600 pictures while there.


Fished the Kenai for kings one day and booted a good one at the stern. Guide said it was approx. 50 lbs. Damn!

Halibut fishing was another great day with flat water but never did locate the big ones. Nevertheless, lots of good eatin was brought home.


Highlight of the trip was drift fishing in the upper Kenai with a guide named Paul Tornow. This guy was great and was the most enthusiastic charter I have ever used. Every fish caught he was as excited as us. Really got the beginners lesson on fly fishing and he was a great teacher. I caught several fish on a 2 weight rod and he made me feel like a pro.




If you ever make a trip up there, I highly recommend Paul as a Kenai River fishing guide. http://alaskasanglingaddiction.com

I really enjoyed the trip and will go back again someday. I have lots of places I still want to visit and types of fish to catch yet.

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Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing :yes::clap: I love the back drops and water color (and of course the fish too)!

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