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vinyl stickers


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Im going to peel off the old vinyl stickers from when i bought the boat and re-name it. Where can I have some custum vinyl stickers made that wont fall off after a few trips out. Im not looking for anything too fancy. I really dont care for the name now (bass Ackwards -with a shark jumping) I live near buffalo if anyone knows a place nearby id appreciate it.

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Dannys decals 585 202-2557 [email protected] He does sherriff cars, firetrucks, etc.

He does Great work doesnt charge much at all. If you are close by he will put them on for you.

He even did Window decals for my car, my dashboard switches, fire extinguisher locker, and tackle boxs. cant believe how inexpensive he is.

If you look at my boat on maketheturncharters.com you can see his work

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