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Seneca 8/13 and 8/14

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Well, snuck out saturday with Justin and Rodney. We ran north to the honey hole. Wind was strong out of the South so we just pointed north and let the kicker keep us straight. We ran dipsys, riggers. We hit fish right away. Temps are changing and fleas were in the top 20 feet of water, after that they were gone. We hit Salmon and Lakers. Boated about 12 fish. Lost a couple good ones like always. Only two fish came on the flasher flys and many on cheaters and main line. Stinger spoons were my ticket.. Lake laid down and turned out to be a good day. Nice fire at justins after. Lakers, Salmon and a nice brown on the outside wire..

Sunday, 8/14. Had a longtime friend Mark, Aaron and Ben from the sister lake joined us. We Were running north when i realized the weeds were gone from the south wind. So i stopped and set up right in watkins. It didnt take long, once we started seeeing bait north of hector, we fired. Hit alot of good salmon and Lakers. We trolled north to Glenora and hit fish the whole way there. Had a slow point for a while, but then suddenly, Wham!! we had 5 fish on at one time. I had a laker hit the port rigger, then 3 more rods fired. Then one rigger tangled another wire, and as we were dealing with that mess, the wire fires in our hands. Then the Probe rigger fires, then the other and last line in the water fires(wire again). We hit those fish in seconds. Lost one of them. The one that casued it all! 250 copper was dead but the 12 color core was hot. Got both salmon and lakers. Had a laker on that we couldnt move. Mark was working her in then suddenly she just ssspppooiiinnngggg. Get the line in and wouldnt ya know it the Swivels Clasp straightened out...Guess her worked her a bit hard. Put the same spoon back down and fired shortly after again and again. we went 13 for 15.

Thanks for coming Ben!









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