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Chautauqua 9/24

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Drove down got there 6 am and fished 630-7 pm...met up with brad and thought it was going to be a nice day fishing wise since it looked like a nice frontal system was going to be overhead but it was still a tough day managed 1 low-mid 30s muskie. read on captain larrys site it was tough all around but still fun to be out there I love that place. Finally got a muskie on a baker bait! guess that can happen when you finally take a break from casting and try trolling. Cant wait to get back there again

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Nice report Mike – glad you guys were able to avoid the skunk. I thought Saturday was also setting up to be a good overcast day of fishing but it still proved to be pretty tough. Started at the flats and Joe lost a good fish that straightened the hook out on him. Didn’t see anything after that so we headed south to checkout Pendergrast and were able to raise another fish there and also raised another fish across from Pendergrast on the East side of the lake but couldn’t get any hooks in them.

Joe’s new boat isn’t yet rigged up with any trolling gear so casting was our only option for the day….. you won’t hear me complaining though ;):lol: Looking forward to getting back out there soon – water is clearing up nicely (north end of lake anyway) and now we only need the temp to drop down into the lower 60’s upper 50’s to get this fall bite going!

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