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musky shows??

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Planning on attending one of the musky shows this winter to help alleviate my musky withdrawals and scope out some new gear. Is there a particular show I should try to get to over all others?? Are some of them not worth the drive?? Was thinking about hitting the Ohio show later this month but I'd hate to drive 6 hrs for nothing. I've done the Harrisburg sportmans show a couple times but I'd love to spend a day surrounded by bulldawgs and bulldawg accessories.. ; )

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Hey- whats up Ray and Old Man? Ray- thinking about something black and red for you if you get down to Butler. Old Man- you are on my list of people I need to send a few too since you were so cool hooking up the kid and I last year and I still have a piece of cardboard with your address on it. As far as the shallow running jointed mahogany baits? Just something different for the PA fundraiser auction starting in Feb b/c I am sure everyone was expecting a normal bait from me and I wanted to do something different. Myself, Wiley, Newmann, Leo and Legend Lures are donating a "special" bait every month to raise $ for PA's newly formed baitfish fund. I only made 3 of these and one is for auction and the other two already have homes in PA. I will post a link on here when it officially gets going if you guys are interested. It is a neat fund b/c they will actually breed the fathead minnows over the course of the summer getting around 6x more minnows then they will start off with just by letting those little boogers spawn a few times over the summer. They have special ponds with gravel that will be used just for minnow breeding and then those raised minnows will feed the muskies come later in the summer. Its a good thing to be involved with and I will support stuff like this every time I can. Just remember that 2 years when we (NY) lost most of our fingerlings we had to get PA's muskies and people complained about the muskies being smaller in size than what we usually stock. Well this coming year- they won't have that problem. Now if we could just get some damn muskies in a lake close to Rochester!

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