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SPX-5R Raymarine auto pilot

Tall Tails

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I have it - and love it. Probably the best thing I have ever added on a boat. I have it on my '08 Trophy 2152, 22' 4.3 Merc sterndrive. At the time I wanted an AP, I was limited in the choices out there for boats with cable steering and I didn't want to upgrade to a hydraulic system.


- offers hands-free trolling, good when fishing alone

- easy to install

- great customer service at Raymarine when it was recalled two yrs. ago

- holds up great in 3-4' waves


- a bit noisy

- makes the captain's wheel a bit "tight" when on Standby and you are manually steering the boat

- at times it has a bit much of steer/countersteer when staying on course

All in all, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat,

- Chris

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I put the new one on late last summer, its great. They work very well, they are strong and make fishing very relaxing. I got the upgraded computer head, I love it as its color and has a few nice features, as well as the newer communication system. I have a 26 foot starcraft, cable over hydraulic.

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I had one (sport x5) installed by anchor marine in erie pa. July 2011. Put it on a 267 four winns with mercruiser260 hp I/O. This was given to my wife for her mothers day gift!!

Ya, she was not impressed, Untill we fished with it, don't know how we went so long without one. It worked great in ruff sea 5' to 6' or flat, mainly troll for walleye at 1.5 mph

She now sun tans on bow and I fish NICE. Good luck with yours.

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Raymarine X5...........this is my third auto pilot. I have hydraulic steering and I had a Simrad which gave me fits. The pro on the X5 is that it's easy to install and if it needs to be removed it doesn't effort your steering because it mounts on the helm. It's a bit noisey!

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1990 22ft Larson. Ray marine x5 I am running it without hydraulic steering and even with an ez steer to a kicker and it still performs flawlessly.

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So here is an update after 10 days with this unit.

I would recommend this unit to anyone with a 8000lb boat or less it does the job on my Baha. It keeps the boat where I need it. I am gong to have Kevin install the actual rudder reference for my setup because it will work that much better with my twin screws. The only negative is the noise but I knew I was going to have to live with it when I bought it. 2 thumbs up for the SPX-5R!!!

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