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Went out with Wolfhound and [email protected] 0545. Started in 65 FOW with every bait possible for 6 rods. Spoons, meat, flies with e-chips, dodgers and SD.

About sunrise, a 19 # King hooked up, then a second rod fired..... DOUBLE. Other rod was a small fish, throw-back. I ended up with my first King.

We lost one off a downrigger, couple more fish and the tally was 4 for 5 with 3 in the box.

About 9:30or so we decided to troll our way in and BAM on the Dipsey. The fight was on. That reel was screaming!!! He'd peel off 20 - 30 yards of wire, I'd bring them in; then we'd do it all over again. Got to watch him jump several times. Did I mention that he was on a DIPSEY????? Major strength to jump clear of the water with that thing in the water. After 45 minutes, I was finally able to get him close enough that he was netted. 23 # male and my arms HURT!!!

Had a GREAT time, want to thank Wolfhound (and Mike) for a great trip. He found them, set it all up, and was a superb net man.

I was afraid to go out for Kings because I knew what would happen...... I am addicted!!!!

My first ever King about sunrise.


My second one (almost KILLED me!)


The crew after a successful day


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Way to go fireplug, I guess you won't be too excited about little lakers

in Canandaigua Lake anymore, those kings really make fishing fun, now you get to fix the boat, buy more tackle, buy more reels and rods, oh yeah now the fun begins,

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"Little" lakers in Canandagia are still interesting to me. My boat can be ran down there now. :)

Just gotta get the downrigger on it, some rods/reels, tackle, etc... and I'll be out there on a regular basis. Lake O will have to wait until spring, as the boat still needs more repairs to be ran on the big water.

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CONGRATS on your 1st King. :D Glad to see you made it to the BIG O and landed a few screamers. Now that is fun - huh? Canandaigua lakers just don't seem to fight like that! :lol:

I confess, IM AN ADDICT! :lol: I was hooked last fall. Now I can't stop thinking of when I am going to get out again. Winds and waves limit me with my boat size, but whenever feasable I go for the kings.

Can one ever have enough fishing tackle? I always say I'm not going to buy any more tackle, but I never seem to leave Gander Mnt. or Dicks without something fishing related. O'well you gotta spend your money on something right?

Good luck with finding a new job, but until you do - enjoy the fishing! :)

Take care.



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