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Bait Heads

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Looking for an on line source for bait heads. I live six hours from the closest great lake tackle shop. Challenger, Rye Davis, or allike will be fine.

Thank you all in advance.

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The 3 fly rigs on atommik's website with the whole bait head are awesome. They run awesome. Perfect roll, I believe they are jon king bait heads. They work great. Just pin the treble so the hook points are just past the tail and it has a perfect slow wide roll

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Most glow by a mile on the market, Super bright UV, 60# test line, No crimps which make a weak spot in the line. No rear tooth pic needed quick adjust hooks just pull to where you want them, roll perfect no adjusting, Gamakatsu 4/0 single and 2X #1 treble super sharp and strong. Head, Bullet heads and beads made in Penn, no some chinese crap. You can see the green glow and blue glow in this pic. Thanks guys, BW


facebook.. Brutus Rat or big weenie brand

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