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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Betty Jean





Time on Water:600-1200


Wind Speed/Direction:none

Waves: glass

Surface Temp: 70...Found 45-55 deg. btwn 100-140 ft. was over 60 deg until 95 ft






Total Hits: 14

Total Boated:10

Species Breakdown:1 Brown 9 Kings

Hot Lure: FF Greens and whites better than Chrome today. Flies anything Green Green/Blue

Trolling Speed:2.6 SOG

Down Speed: 2.0-2.2

Boat Depth: 275-325

Lure Depth: 120-150




Well it turned out to be a Dandy in O-Town today!!! Started off a little shaky which is not abnormal came right out and dropped our starboard side dipsy down with port side setting so it wasn't long before we had to break out the scissors and straighten out that mess. Once we finally got our spread sert up the right way we got into a little bit of action mostly 600 coppers. But after having 5 rods firing and only managing to land one brown we were getting discourged. The Brown was released and did manage to swim away for another early spring encounter next year. by that time it ought to be a goody. We did notice though that our Coppers were getting most of the action and we had our set spread out between 60 and 120 feet so we re-stategized and decided to go deep with everything Our 600 Coppers became our shallowest run lines and we had one rigger down at 150 ft. GAME ON!!!! Things went crazy. And by things I mean EVERYTHING: Coppers, Dippys, Riggers, everything. At one point all 3 of us on board were fighting Kings and the boat was just doin its thing. Thank Goodness it was Glass. I'm sure eveyone here knows how sideways that program can get in a hurry!!! Well we managed to successfully net all three of those fish and when we were getting the last hook out of the last fishes mouth we all looked up to the sight of one of our rigger rods just kissing the surface...Holy smokes we almost had quads!!! After starting the morning 1 for 5 we managed to not drop another fish. In about two and a half or three hours the three of us had our limit of Kings in the box and we were heading in to get out of the sun. What a day!!! We have only been fishing Lake O for a year and a half and today we managed to do two Firsts for the Betty Jean. First Tripple and first time having everyone on board limit out. I bet if we had a fourth on board in another hour or so we would have limited them out too. One of our best days yet.





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