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Green Dolphin report Sodus 7/10/12 Evening outing

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Fished with Jason (Zebedee) and his dad Terry last night out of Sodus Point and it was once again awesome. Went 4 for 6 (or 7) in just a few hours and 3 of the 4 were just brutes. Wire rods, copper rod, and riggers took hits. We of course let Jason's Dad Terry handle the Copper once it peeled out about half my backer :lol:

The night ended with the Copper rod firing on a flasher fly that we let Terry pick out. He chose a Michael Jackson SD with a hand tied Forest Green fly. The fish hit, took a pile of line out and the battle was on. about 5 or 10 minutes into the battle I saw a nice hook on the screen about 5 or 10 feet above my shallowest rigger. I walk over to raise it up a little and Jason says..."did you just pop that rigger" I look at it and said NOPE. Started reeling like crazy and it was fish on for a DOUBLE. I knew it was big but I also knew that I would land this fish before Terry got the copper rod in...seeing as how he still didn't have all of the backer in yet :lol:

When it was all said and done, here are the two we landed. I guess his was 21 lbs or so and mine was 26.5 lbs....a new record for my boat.


Here is a pic of me with the 26.5 lb fish. When I first weighed it I thought it was closer to 28 lbs with the boat bouncing around but when we got back to the dock it went 26lbs 8oz.


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That was a blast for a short evening trip! I counted 4/5...I only remembered 1 dropped fish by a guy who claims he doesn't have the dropsies!...just sayin :o

A few more pics:

Wire rod out 265 on a 2 1/2


Fightin Copper


Back at the dock


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Jason, 4 for 5 only???? Either i am telling fish stories or my memory is better than yours. I think it was actually 4 for 7. The 4 on the dock plus the diver hit early on that tripped the diver (the one that we had to reel in to reset it), plus the hit & run on the slider that we saw, plus the one your father lost not too long after I dropped mine. :lol:

Nick, all the fish were caught inside 160 FOW. Best screens were from about 80 to 125 FOW. In some cases we were getting 49 degrees at about 70 - 75 down depending where we were.

Rick, Thanks! By the way....I looked at that 11 Meter Trojan Express in Geneva that we were talking about when I saw you in Wilson at the Pro Am. That is a sweet boat in really great condition....Twin Cat Diesels with really low hours. I'm not sure if I could listen to those diesels all day trolling though. Currently eyeballing a really sweet Sea Ray 330 Express.

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