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Pictures from last couple trips on Conesus

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I have not used the launch in a month. I use a buddies boat that lives on the lake. There was a bass tourney down there over the weekend and people were using it so it should be ok. Also the docks have been out for a while. Hope this helps.

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the launch was bad the last time i used it. Putting the boat on the trailer i was scrapin bottom with my bass boat. I had to lift the motor all the way out of the water. Last winter I would have to hang the back of the boat on a pile of dirt from power loading and pull the trailer out from under the boat. The water has been really low there due to the construction on the bridge at the north end.

That a boy Gambler! I knew you had it in you! Nice catch!

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The launch is OK at best. Some guys on saturday were power loading, most were not. I would only use the north ramp, stay away from the center and either side. Docks are out.

So, has anyone been down in the last week or can anyone tell me if it is launchable right now? Can you get into the boat from the permanent structures or do you need to climb in?

Thanks for any advice or help.


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