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New York State record bass caught last Saturday, gone.

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8.91 pounds it weighed in at the Canadian Bass Federation Frostbite Tournament last Saturday. A tournament on Lake Erie during the weekends in the month of November. A picture was taken after weigh in and usually the fish are released, but the site was at the Crystal Beach Ramp in Ontario. It may find its way back to American waters but the fish can not read the lines on a piece of paper. The fish was reported by the angler named Drew to be caught betweeen Seneca Shoal and Wanakah area.


This November contest has the largest bass weights as the weights are highest prior to spawning and the season closing.


http://www.bassmaster.com/news/monster- ... ie-smallie

Fall bass fishing on Erie

https://www.facebook.com/DaveMercersFac ... sofFishing

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Would not be surprised to see a 10-12 lb smallie come from out of somewhere in NYS in the near future......Dale Hollow, look out....! 8)

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