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Hi Mike -


We have one classifieds forum that allows users to mark topics as FOR SALE, WANTED, SOLD, etc.  Everything is in that one forum.  If you click on any one of those tags it will filter down the posts for you (i.e., click on WANTED tag and only the wanted items will show).  Here is a link for example:




If your post is from several months ago, then you might have to scroll back a couple pages to find it.  You can also quickly search on topics you started or participated on your username at the top right hand corner of the site and then selecting "My Content".  I'll work on getting a video together to better demonstrate if you think that would help.


Thanks again -




   Thanks Chad. That helped. Still getting used to the new site. Congrats on the future addition to your new family. As others have already said...They grow fast so the enjoy the early years. Thanks again for all you do on this site. It's greatly appreciated. A demo video would be great whenever you get around to it.




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Connelly infant vest. type II PFD.  user weight: less than 30 lbs.  model # 2017 USCG approved.


Has a head rest, front zipper and buckle, as well as a strap that goes between the legs.


Its even red, white and blue!

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