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Reel repair stand

Big Dave

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This is a handy stand that will hold the reel and allow you to put it on its side.   That way gravity helps you load the parts back in.   Which is good if your fingers are as stiff as mine are.  Its made with an ice cube tray and some scrap pine and a $1.50 worth of hardware.  I got it from the old Sarep newsletter.  We made them with the cubscouts too.post-139530-0-63736400-1361994440_thumb.jpgpost-139530-0-07847000-1361994512_thumb.jpgpost-139530-0-23992800-1361994660_thumb.jpgpost-139530-0-27651200-1361994718_thumb.jpg

Its pretty easy to make .  You cut the bottom the length of the ice cube tray.   The two ends are cut and nailed together with finish nails.  This lets you drill the hole for the broom stick.  The trick is to drill a 1/4 " hole through first, than  use a spade bit that fits your broom stick to drill through the first side and part way through the second.    Put the broom stick through the end pieces to line them up and  use sheetrock screws , screw them on.    Use  your 1/4" drill to mark the center of the broomstick ,   Then drill a smaller pilot hole for the stud.  A couple of hose clamps  and your all set.    The wing nut lets you tighten the stick to hold the reel in place at the angle you want.   It pulls the stick into the half drilled hole in the one end.   The ice cube tray holds the parts in order that you take them off.  And hopefully you don't have extra parts when done.

Ice cube tray

1/4" wingnut

1/4" fender washer

1/4" stud   (bolt thread on one end and wood screw on the other)

2   hose clamps

4 sheetrock screws

scrap pine.

The pine is cut to fit the tray , the width is what you have kicking around (mine was 6")  






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Good post Dave!...I tried the same setup. Took a short cut and used Cher's paper towel holder from under the kitchen cabinet and the trays from the freezer.

Works good but I guess I might catch he!! When she wants her frozen margarita, and I might need some paper towels for the bleeding...OUCH!..ok...ok...I'll put them back..:(


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Thanks guys !!  This sure beats trying to hold the reel with one hand and the parts with the other.  And the screws and tool with the thrid hand :o  :lol:

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