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Got a late start Tuesday afternoon... once the lake laid down. Found temp out 220 ...down 80. Set three riggers & two dipys & a 400 CP. Riggers did well down about 95...dipy & 400 took one each . Ended up 7/10 in four hours with one brown in the bunch caught on a sliding cheater.

Wed flat calm...got out about 6 am...first rigger isn't in 30 sec & bam! 24 pounder in the box....get the five rod spread out & port side rigger fires....nice fish..get him to the boat & the youngster at the rod had a bit of a struggle & he got around the wire....well you know the rest! Cut the leader & gone! Two more rips on the dipys out 270 with no buddy home....ugghh. then dead zone..

So about 10:00 we trolled in & picked up a 22lb major on the dipy over 145 & a 10lb brown on the 400 CP.

Set in shallow between 75-95 for browns... popped one & dropped him.....10 min later starboard rigger pops & stays down...for like 10 min! ..Well low & behold our best brown to date comes to the net... bouncing the scale just shy of 20lbs!!

Picked up a couple Brown's before calling it a day! Ended up 6 for 12.

Here's a few pics!

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any stinger size or NK28 size spoon in brown or gobie pattern. also Chicken wing or green gator has worked. yesterday they wanted a copper back spoon more then silver...lots of gobies down there...put something down that they are seeing!

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