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I'm heading up to Lake George this weekend to do some laker and landlocked trolling. I was told the smallmouth fishing is great this time of year in 20'-30' of water. I'm not a big bass fisherman so any advice would be awesome! I have a bunch of Senko's but in that depth wouldn't it take forever to get down there wacky rigged. Would you drop shot it or lindy rig them? What else would you use? Like I said, I'm not a huge bass guy!



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Today is Friday, Aug. 13 and we have been fishing the St. Lawrence since Sat.  The drop shot with 3" Gulp minnows has been deadly all week.  Once I finally settled on 1.5 oz. weight to efficiently deliver the presentation to the 60'-40' depths, the drop shot technique has outperformed live bait approx. 10:1.  Lots of bigger 3-5 lb. fish, too.  And since this presentation keeps your bait off the bottom, the gobie catch is minimal.  I like to set up about 18"-24" off the bottom using  8 lb. flouro connected with a barrel swivel to 12 lb. braid on a stiff jigging spin outfit..   One more day of fun!

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