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My health has decided to take a crap on me........that being said I would like to keep this post about the boat and gear,(My neighbors, who know me, the wife doesn't know I'm doing this)(I would like to keep it that way)                  I know this is not the time to sell, I'm a little busy right now, pictures will follow about everything I am going to try to list by memory 1989 Blue Fin deep vee Sportsman, 17 1/2 foot riveted tinny LEAK FREE was a very well maintained boat by the previous owner, I believe I have owned it for 2 years ?, it was a walk-through boat at one time in it's life, and has slowly opened up to a single counsel.(it is registered till 2015, and I don't care if you don't register it till then) It sits on an galvanized Escort bunk trailer, which has a 7 pin plug,new wiring, new lights, new radial tires and a new spare, Bearing Buddy hubs, I'm not sure about that, they are grease gun friendly. The boat has a 2001 40 HP Mercury 4 stroke outboard on 'er, the carbs were JUST recently pulled cleaned re-built, and adjusted by Bull Frog mechanic Brian, and it runs GREAT !, it too has it's own battery,on the bow is a Minn Kota Terrova 24 volt 80'lbs of thrust 60 inch shaft auto pilot, anchor lock,I-Pilot head)remote OR foot pedal operated, 2 new top of the line marine Interstate batteries, once I got this electric motor I trolled only with it ALL DAY(5 AM- 11 AM)and still had 2-3 bars of power left ! depending on the waves. there is a Lowrance Elite 5 chartplotter/fish finder hooked up to the Minn Kota trolling motor, with it's "anchor lock" feature(trolling motor) it made deep water jigging a blast !, on the drivers console is a Garmin 350.....(I wanna make sure it's a "c" before I say that but I'm pretty sure it is),also hooked to a separate deep cycle battery, there are 2-24" traxstech plates, with the end stops rock solidly mounted, 1 port, 1 starboard, on these are 3 each of Traxsteck adjustable aluminum rod holders #RRH-230 (pull pin), 4 Okuma rod pole combos, 2 brand new Bloodrun wire, 2 1,000' of Power-Pro braid 65# test also new this year, 6'6" Abo Garcia jigging rod,(IM-6) paired with a round Abo red baitcasting reel, BOTH are brand new, reel has braid and fluorocarbon leader. There is a 7' Daiwa Heartland spinning rod paired with a Diawa reel ($200 new for the combo), a little "whippy" was a nice stream rod, but I liked to flatline it out the back with some kinda minnow lure or small spoon, also included is a 9' Reddington 4-5 wt fly rod and case. ALL the lures, plugs, spoons, cut bait heads, flies, jigs (literally 100's) soft plastics (packs) Grease Traps, Spin Doctors, 8-9 ?Anything that Mike (Iron Duke) Sean Brown ( Reel Hooked Up Charters) his first mate......Jason told me to buy HAD been bought ! & is still here ;) ANYTHING I absorbed from this site.....bought.....so what if it was for the "O".....you never know, 4 TX-44 planer boards, minimum of 4 Dipsy's (BLACK MAGNUMS) maybe 6, dipsy holder bag, I have Bass Pro's biggest Extreme boat bag (no wheels) filled with excess spoons in Plano boxes ( I have a spoon box....magnum) 12 maybe more Plano 3700's (maybe more), the bag is full !, there's another smaller boat bag (Bass Pro) that contained my favs and that I fished out of, over 100#'s of lead, 20# bottom pour furnace (110V) 3 of the must have Do-It jig molds if you really want to try jigging, fly tying equipment, mylar and more mylar, fly heads TIE your own trolling flies ! beads and more beads EVERY necessary color, powder paint, reel of 65# Power Pro, monofilament (? spell check says it's wrong), hybrid fluorocarbon, fluorocarbon, lifevest(s), rope, anchor,.....I'm sure I'm forgetting something..........here's the deal......it ALL goes as a package, I will not piece out anything ! DON'T ask, this is a "newbies" dream or a great Winter boat for a pro It comes with a very firm price of $6000.00 The number to call is 607-331-3905 AFTER 11 AM till 11 PM or if you know me stop in,    

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