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powerbelt muzzeloader bullets

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I have a CVA and have used powerbelts with triple 7 and 209 primers for many years, have shot (killed) many deer with them and have not lost one to date , I think the farthest a deer has gone before going down is about 50 yards, the only down side I have with them is that I have yet to find a blood trail so there have been some anxious moments. I have considered trying some other types because of the lack of a blood trail but I'm a chicken when it comes to changing something that works. All guns shoot ammo different so try different ammo combinations and use what is most accurate in yours as they will all work if you put the shot in the right place.


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I use Hornady SST Sabot with blackhorn powder, magnum shot gun primers. Great stuff you can shoot at least 5+ shots without cleaning, stuff burns a lot cleaner than pellets. Just make sure your gun can shoot that powder, check with the mfg.

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I shoot a smokeless muzzleloader and they arent recommended, as tgey arent tight enough as mentioned above. I used them in my cva and they were fine...they arent great. I know since ive switched to a smokeless muzzleloader and sabots I have had EXCLLENT expansion and only use 42 grains of sr4759 and it cleans like any cartridge rifle.


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I've had pass-thru's with a 30.06 with very little blood as well..........still recovered the animal.

We have had a 100% kill rate with the Powerbelts/150 grains Pyrodex/209 since we started using them. 

We don't try acrobatic shots, we practice, shoot straight, and put 'em in the freezer.

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