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Stickbait hook replacement?


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Hi Dave,

Thanks! What size Gammy's do you use? Also do you use the extra strong version?

I thought I remember that Skeinmachine also had posted that he changes up all his stock hooks for VMC's but I can not find the post to check what type and size hook this was.

I am looking for a stronger hook that won't change the action of the lure.

Take care,

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Little trick I learned from Captain Ernie L. Replace the front hook with one size bigger than the one thats there, leave the back one the same size. If there are 3 trebs, take the front off and replace the back 2 like above. Big difference! I use gammy's or owners.


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Owner #ST-41 1 size larger than stock hook. Skeiner suggested these hooks last spring ..... waaay better hookups..... make sure you have good split rings too.

Yup,Owner ST-41's in #4's for bomber long A 15's,reef runners,X-raps,fastracs etc.

Expensive,but they pay for themselves,especially if tourney fishing where every fish/hook up counts.

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