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Headed out of the bay this morning with my buddy Eric and set up in 100 FOW. Didn't get the first rod in and got a porky brown on the rigger down 80' with Wonderbread. That set up remained hot until 8:30. We were getting hits in close so we didn't bother moving out. 108-120 FOW was the best for us this morning, not much to mark outside of that. Ended going 10 for 12. 2 browns, 3 kings and 5 lakers.

Colors that worked:

Wonderbread spoon

MJ spoon

Mountain Dew SD/FF

42nd SD/FF

Good luck to everybody fishing the rest of the weekend


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WTG Tomy - you guys did great given that it seems to be a slower than normal (for kings at least) August.


Thanks again for the intel on the Wonderbread spoon


Tight lines - good luck to you and Eric,



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