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Canandaigua (Labor Day) Solo


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I was supposed to go to Lake O this morning with Admiral Byrd early but woke up ill at 4 AM bowed out and went back to sleep.  Woke up later feeling better and decided to fish Canandaigua so launched at the north end 9:45 AM and started at the water plant and trolled up the west side (south) toward middle....quite a bit of large grass pods floating. A lot of recreational boats out already and a sailboat regatta pretty much as expected.  dropped in a 250 copper with spoon and two downriggers one at 45 and the other at 55 ft both with sliders Trolled south until about 12:45 and caught 3 rainbows along the way biggest about 3 lbs  others about 17-18 inches. Each rainbow was caught on the same Great Lakes 44 spoon with orange tape. They were down (2) 45 and 55 respectively I had 2 Sutton 44's with the same orange tape on the other downrigger and they weren't touched.  Switched out copper for wire rig with flasher/fly and trolled back north on east side and nothing. Quit and picked up my wife and daughter at the Steamboat Landing public dock and went swimming to cool off. The entire north end was more of a "zoo" than I have ever seen and later  it took us over 2 hours to get in the canal to the launch because of all the boats waiting to get in and circling around in the canal....unreal!  So today my boat joined the recreational boating crew but I looked a bit out of place with the rods etc. :lol:  but we paid for it too waiting to get into the launch.


No fish on sliders and no fleas noted at all




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You said it Jim :lol:  Thanks Sean, Dale, Ted and Jim I forgot to add that I didn't mark much and what I did mark was at about 40-60 entirely nothing deeper.

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