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Fair Haven Fishing Association

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After years of serving as President of the association and chair of our pen program Capt. Jim Jared has resigned do to health concerns.


I would like to thank Jim for all he has done. If it were not for him grabbing the bull by the horns then we would not have the successful program we have today.


This season well behind us our next tasks are not until next spring but before that we need to elect a slate of officers, and board members. Any interested parties please contact me by e-mail [email protected] and title the response FHFA so I recognize it and do not accidentally delete it. Thru nominations or volunteers I will develop a slate for an election that we can either hold at a meeting or by mail if I get contact info from all parties interested.



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So be it. The officers for the Fair Haven Fishing Association for 2015 are as follows;

President - Phil Lucason (Morgan-E)

VP - Ray Petrunich (Coyote)

Secretary - Dana Bernetski (Hot Tub)

Tresurer - Werner Stenger (Popeye)



congrats and condolences


Anticipate a work weekend at the end of March to restring our net pens with new nets.

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I fish out of Fair Haven  when ever i get  the time to get there these  days  4 or 5 weeks a year, and hope to  spend the summer months there in the future. I would  like to help but getting there  is a full six hours for me, Can  i send   a cash donation  as im sure there are  costs involved?

  I also  challenge all others who fish out of Fair Haven  to do the same.

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We are looking forward to helping improve the fishery and fishing experience out of Fair Haven.  At this point the officers will be getting in contact with each other and setting up a tentative schedule for the year in terms of meetings, work days (net pen work, fish arrival day work, fish stocking work, sign up for feeding and cleaning the pens, wounded warrior weekend help, and possibly Fair Haven fishing derbies/tournaments out of and back to Fair Haven).  As information becomes available this will be the primary place that it will be posted.  Anyone interested in helping improve the Fair Haven fishing further please look often and information will be made available as to how to get involved - it is the only way to make this work. 


This is new to all but one officer and it is in a state of progressive evolution for us so please keep that in mind.


A big thank you to all of the guys and gals that started the association from the ground up and got it to this point.



Phil Lucason

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Great to see that we will have people involved. 

A schedule of events (net pen project, tournaments, wounded warriors, meetings), informaiton on how to sign up to recieve emails, donation information, etc... should be posted within the next two weeks.

Thank you to all of the Fair Haven Fishermen that will be stepping up to improve the fishery and the experience within Fair Haven.


Please watch for information on this site.  I am awaiting some feedback and am trying to solidify some things before posting to avoid changes and misinformation.




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