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Sold / Closed Max IV 6X6 Amphibious atv

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It's not a real boat, but it's amphibious, so I guess you could fish from it.


1993 or 1994 Max IV 6x6.  20 hp Kohler engine, new battery, new throttle cable, roll cage, windshield, working winch, utility box, has tracks and 4 of the 6 wheels needed to use them (it only had the 4 when I got it).  It comes with LOTS of extra parts, throttle cable, new boxes of drive chain, sprockets, axels, 2 new belts and more.


This has no hour meter (that I've found), but very low hours.  I bought it from the company I work for and in the last 18 years, I bet it has less than 10 hours in that time.  It got moderate to light use between 1993 and 1997 when I got there.


This would be a great ice fishing or camp vehicle.


It is in better shape with more accessories than most that I've seen on Craigslist, and I'm asking less than them.  I would like to get $3500 or best offer.  Call me at 716-504-7789.  I can assist with delivery within a reasonable distance from Newfane NY.














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I'm quite sure I sold this vehicle originally, the list on this vehicle equipped was in excess of $15,000 in 1993.

Does it have exterior bearing cages on all the axles?

DO NOT use this vehicle as a boat with the cargo carrier on it

Awesome swamp machines and will go anywhere

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You may have sold it Carl,  I wasn't with the company back then. If you were a dealer, I'd love to talk to you.  You could answer some questions that I haven't been able to.


I'm not sure about the bearing cages (I'll have to check), I've never had the wheels off.  Never seen the machine with the tracks on it either, but I bet it would tear some stuff up. 


The cargo rack is pretty heavy, and puts an awful lot of weight toward the rear. It should absolutely come off before launching...

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Wow that was quick!! Congrats on your sale. We used to have one called a terra tiger, the engine blew up and my brother and I replaced it with a 440 two cycle. That was fun machine.

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