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Wilson May 1st-3rd Lakers, Kings, and Atlantic

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May 1st
Headed East out of port down towards Olcott and set up in 40ft of water! It was a slow start for us for the first hour of fishing boating 3 lakers. As the sun got up we started popping more fish! Mostly Lake trout but throw in some teenage kings in there also and some coho! We had a good day lost count at 25 fish boated! 8 rod spread 4 rigger rods, slide diver, torpedo diver, and 2 planer boards. Riggers parked anywhere from the bottom up to the top 20ft of water and anywhere from 20-55ft off the ball and the divers im not sure what my dad set the slide diver at. I know it was on a number 3 setting, but Torpedo was with a 25ft lead and 125-180ft back. Fished between 40 and 100 fow all day! Best lure for us was the Finger Lakes Tackle Radiation Gator spoon with the hammered back, but got fish on the Caramel Dolphin, FLT KOS in the original version and radiation pattern. Surface temp 42.9-44.4 and speed anywhere from 2.2-2.7mph.

May 2nd
This day headed West out of port and set up a couple miles down the lake. Right in front of my uncles house in 60fow. 6 rod spread 4 riggers, slide diver, and torpedo. All set ups the same! We crushed the lakers all day between 60-110fow! We landed into some nice lakers and also pulled out some teenage kings again. Surface temp 42.6-43.9, speed same 2.2-2.7. Best lure was again the FLT Gator Radiation spoon! But also a Michigan Stinger Goby pattern, FLT Black Mamba, and FLT KOS Radiation. Lost count at 35 fish landed.

May 3rd
Same as the day before ran west out of port and had the exact same set up! We caught a lot more kings this day. Fished 80-150fow lost count at 30 fish boated. Best lure FLT Gator Radiation. Also ran a white green dot spinny with an All About Fishing (AAF) white green fly!

All in all great weekend! 100+ fish in the boat over 3 days! I'd definitely like to give a shout out to Finger Lakes Tackle company and AAF Trolling flies for making great fish catching baits! We will be up there Thursday-Sunday! I am currently in the process of editing all the GoPro footage from this weekend and I will make another thread when the video is done and uploaded.

Good Luck, Tight Lines, Screaming Reels






















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Great fishing.  I caught eight this weekend..........eight kids soccer games!  It KILLED me not fishing this weekend with the perfect weather.

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Ditto on the crushfest! We have boated 180 + fish in 4 1/2 days. We landed 2 lakers on one rod 2 days in a row-they are stacked like cord wood. Plenty of kings around Wilson but have not caught one over 20#. The amount of lamprey marks on the kings and lakers is staggering. Cdq - I think we both caught the same laker- couple other pics too- good luck to all for the rest of the tournamentpost-154525-14308688413918_thumb.jpgpost-154525-14308688667034_thumb.jpgpost-154525-14308688846315_thumb.jpgpost-154525-1430868911212_thumb.jpgpost-154525-14308689696574_thumb.jpgpost-154525-14308689917628_thumb.jpgpost-154525-14308690214057_thumb.jpg

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Wire dipsey's - 2 set- 125 and 160 back. 2 riggers 75' and 58 ' with sliders- lead length didn't seem to matter much- took a bunch of kings on sliders. All fish on spoons- warrior-black pearl UV , dream weaver - thriller, stinger- frog hard to beat for us. One more day off then back to work-

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Yes Lakers were coughing up smelt and alewife, Kings were coughing up alewife. Mag size spoon alewife!


any smelt in the bellies of those fish?

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Spectacular king bite this morning- east wind picked up around 11 and slowed things down for us. All fish between 15-18 pounds. Can't break 20 pounds- be back at it Saturday

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