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Cayuga 8/1 lake turnover?

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With the water temp well into the 70's it can be expected that all sorts of things will be generating increased influence and presence in the lakes and some of the fish species may have trouble adapting quickly enough to it as well causing "die offs" and the fleas will probably be increasing exponentially  until they reach a critical point or the water temps drop (say in the Fall). The lake changes don't have to be caused by runoff or direct actions  man etc. (although that is not to say it isn't a real problem) There are many chronic things happening to the lakes over time that change their very nature (e.g. becoming eutrophic for example....going from cold water bodies to algae rich and vegetative warmer bodies over time) and the introduction of invasive species of various types may be pushing the envelope in some of them in a variety of ways in lakes such as Seneca and Cayuga.

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Pretty sure they were fertilizing a field by plane the week it started blooming. Also temperature increases probably helped, plus run off from the couple flash floods all possibilities.

Anyone been out recently? North end looked good from shore. 65 feet in the air. :P

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