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Ruff Rider Live Report Sodus 2015 Aug 28 - Sep 7

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Good luck Les. Hope you get a few :yes:

As you do, I remember years when fishing was much easier, but did we have this much bait lake wide those years ? I can't answer that. Simple logic would support that even a fraction less food in the system would make fishing easier and raise angler harvest rates. Too many alewives in the system right now IMO, but that's just my opinion and the wife has said half the time I'm clueless and the other half of the time I'm sleeping :)

Either way, last time out I took this pic of the screen I was fishing in Sodus and I had the same screen all day until around 2pm. Then I lost it until it came back around 6:30 pm. It's bait with fish in the bait having a buffet. That pic was taken at 12:30 in the afternoon. Many bait pods were much larger and my screen was rarely blank.


Hopefully all hell breaks loose soon. Good luck out there tomorrow Nick !!

They either moved out just a little or more likely they are laying on the bottom. They will tolerate warm water right now, but I wouldn't expect them to do much short of laying on the bottom except before the sun pops up. I can't comment on if any have run the black, but I know there have been small runs in the Salmon river.

Saw something identical to this in 30fow last Saturday. Tried jigging over top of it but no takers

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Hey Nick, will you be out this afternoon? Is lake calming down?

My 2 cents on salmon activity and population.

Salmon are here. There are matures hitting. They are moving around. Warmer waters create different activity from salmon. The LOC is in session. Keeps people silent. Some share the wisdom. But I know a few who haven't said a word. Large reports will surface, once the loc is over. For the beginners, take the advice from this year and continue to apply it to the following seasons.

That's all I got got, happy fishing and tight lines.

Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge. Se you out there.

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Dropped a nice king right behind the boat. Mag shelly shack. No idea where the big bat went, Theresa is freaking out.

Probably hid out and stowed away on yer boat somewhere over nite. I had one on mine once and it would not leave! Chased it off and it kept coming back till I slapped it with my hat and made it salmon bait!
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Sorry to jump your thread Nick, hope you have a great day out there while we work lol. Good Luck Les, regarding the LO, I just have a hard time hearing the lake is fine. Fish are there we just have to coax them. There's obviously some that appear to be doing quite well, but the reality is, most are not, based on reports on here, the dock, chit chat etc. and my own experience out there. If we want to put the curtain over some bias opinions so that we don't hurt the economy of the lake business, you've already lost. Take a look at the 90's. A hurricane came through and wiped them out. Was fishing as good then as it has been the last two years? I fished the Sodus pier 6 times last year from Sept -October, never saw or caught anything. Did I miss the week they smashed them? Sure do remember back in the day. Do I think DEC has some culpability with this, some, I have to where I work, why wouldn't they. We don't have a body of water where we wake up to go fishing and hope we catch something without any intervention. Millions of dollars of state money are to be used for this fund. I'm not taking anything away from anyone that is having a great season this year. I sometimes think it comes off as everyone should be catching them as easily as the next guy.

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the coating on the coated cable is probably getting chewed up.  mine does the same.  works great for couple of days, then starts no reading deep.  you can feel the coating when you bring the ball up.  look for silver cable on the spool.  been replacing mine and/or cutting back & re-terminating.  very frustrating....


great fishing thou!  

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i buy the 400 foot coated cable from fish307 & load it all on my canon 10hs.  i even replace the pulleys to minimize the coating being chewed up.  i guess it just nature of the setup. over time strip off 50-75 feet due to coating get chewed off & the signal not reaching the antenna.  after 2 years, replace the 400 cable all over again.

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