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Ruff Rider Live Report Sodus 2015 Aug 28 - Sep 7

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I must say you folks really know how to "live it up" Nick and get the most out of your time spent here......I love every one of those "sides" at the Dino and those ribs are to die for :lol:

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I pulled the same move this morning. Alarm set and everything. Hit snooze and went back to bed. Will be at it hard from 3pm today untill Monday at 5pm. Or untill the 35lber is landed. See you out there Nick.

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EAST Lake Ontario - 20NM North Northeast of Rochester, NY


coming from the NE! 

Wind Direction (WDIR): NE ( 50 deg true ) graph04.gif Wind Speed (WSPD): 13.6 kts graph04.gif Wind Gust (GST): 15.5 kts graph04.gif Wave Height (WVHT): 2.6 ft graph04.gif Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 5 sec graph04.gif Average Period (APD): 3.8 sec graph04.gif Mean Wave Direction (MWD): NE ( 44 deg true ) graph04.gif Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 30.11 in graph04.gif Pressure Tendency (PTDY): +0.03 in ( Rising ) graph04.gif Air Temperature (ATMP): 71.2 °F graph04.gif Water Temperature (WTMP): 71.8 °F graph04.gif Wind Speed at 10 meters (WSPD10M): 15.5 kts graph04.gif Wind Speed at 20 meters (WSPD20M): 15.5 kts


Continuous Winds TIME
(EDT) graph04.gif WDIR graph04.gif WSPD 11:50 am NE ( 54 deg ) 14.0 kts 11:40 am NE ( 55 deg ) 14.4 kts 11:30 am ENE ( 57 deg ) 14.4 kts 11:20 am NE ( 56 deg ) 14.4 kts 11:10 am NE ( 55 deg ) 14.8 kts 11:00 am NE ( 54 deg ) 15.5 kts     Peak gust during the measurement hour TIME
(EDT) graph04.gif GDR graph04.gif GST 10:53 am ENE ( 60 deg ) 17.5 kts

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so what you working on today Ruff? boat stuff or work work

A few work work telecoms and other job related tasks. I had plans to do some cleaning of the boat and rod wrapping to ruffify the new rod we bought, but relaxing and watching some tv won out.

Breakfast at Nick's Diner was a nice break also :)


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Nick - what are you seeing in the stomachs of the Kings you have landed recently?

The mature male we caught on Friday in 68 degree water had several small baitfish, and one full size Alewife in it.

Sorry Skip, forgot to answer this. Prior to yesterday, every fish caught at the marina had zero in it. Yesterday showed promise with a couple of alewives. One boat had a decent day going 5 for 7 in tight, others struggled. One of our crew went to Mexico to fish and never moved a rod all morning... that's scary. He did see a ton of hooks though.

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