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Why tip a Charter Captain?

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Well said.....we're all struggling....the opinions of a few uninformed " internet " brave individuals . Doesn't matter..it takes a great commitment to become a captain on the Great Lakes. Look into it. Not many would qualify . The responsibility in taking customers on this lake and getting them home safe is our # 1 priority ..Period....fishing is a passion for all captains that are worthy of bearing all the responsibility of "non fishing issues"...as for my customers...there all terrific . I get compensated very well. They know...they know what it takes And appreciate the effort.. We can't control the fishing. But we can control effort and getting our customers home safely...captd

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The way I see it, a person will never go broke by being generous.  You'll always have enough $$.  The ones who pinch every penny & try to nickel & dime everybody, will never have enough.

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