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On 4/18/2016 at 7:39 AM, Bada Bing said:

Vans or Converse Allstars

+1 on the Chucks.  Canvas dries quickly if they get wet.  Can get knock-offs at Walmart for less than $15 a pair. Don't cry when they get dirty or the vamp splits from my extra wide duck feet.


Also have a pair of Columbia Bahama Vent boat shoes that slip on, have decent arch support.  I wear them when slides won't do.  Better half thinks they are kinda' stylish. May try a pair of Dorados this year.

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Allen Edmunds boat shoes for me.  High quality high end shoe.  Good arch support and  my feet don’t hurt at end of day.  Normally I get a season out of a pair of boat shoes.  Got 3 seasons on a pair of Allen Edmunds - have a new pair ready for 2021.   Allen Edmunds makes many of its shoes in USA with boat shoes made off shore.  They used to say that you pay twice as much and the shoes last three times as long.

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Skeichers are comfortable as bedroom slippers, Safer in the boat as many falls happen with flip flops, Crocs and bare foot. When they need cleaning dump them in the wash machine. I wear mine from church to grass cutting also, They help putting the boat on the trailer since getting them wet is what they are for.

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