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Cayuga...Salvation army derby

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We fished Saturday stayed in that 120 to 140 ft depth range . We seemed to catch bigger fish over deeper water. The fishing was great. But we were still looking for a big fish.

Sunday we ran a four rod program because of the rough water  we went straight out to the middle of the lake .Started at 6am fished till 3pm probably never went 15min without having a fish on.lots of 7 and 8 pounders nice quality clean fish .The middle of the lake lakers look different than the skinny water fish. Heads look bigger color looks different.  Did a few silvers out there but nothing for the board. We also did more fish on the dipseys over deeper water. Most fish came 80 to 100 down. paddle ,peanuts were the lure of choice even for the rainbows and atlantics. As the poster above said I thought there would be bigger fish caught. I was suprised with the numbers of fish we caught we could not break 10 lbs. All n All a fun derby lots of fish caught I gotta be happy with 3rd.

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