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Ruff Rider Sodus Live Report 2016 Aug 19-21

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Nick how's the Simrad? Loving mine

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Havent gotten to play with it much as it still isnt fully setup. Hopefully I can finish this afternoon.

Right now my sportpilot isnt working. I moved the ground, so im hoping I just need to go through calibration again.

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It's a rainy, windy, miserable day. No one went out that I heard of. Hopefully, this windy weather will pass by as next week we are up for our annual fishing vacation!

I did get the new GO7 and tablet install nearly finished.





I updated the GO7 firmware and that took care of the GoFree app issue I was having. The install took forever, mostly due to there not being an easy way to run wires from the helm to the electrical panel downstairs.

I still have two problems. The first is my autopilot isn't working quite right. It wasn't holding position on the troll. I had disconnected the ground for the pilot for a bit, but I'm not sure why that would matter. We went through the seatrial calibration again yesterday and I did move the new power cable away from the pilot's compass wires, so hopefully that helps.

The second issue is I ran an nmea2000 cable from the GO7 to the SeatalkNG input on the sportpilot, but the sportpilot doesn't seem to be getting the data. The instructions for both units are pretty terrible, but I need to keep digging to see if I missed a way to turn NMEA200 out on for the GO7 or the SeatalkNG data on for the sportpilot.

I did use the GO7 fishing yesterday and medium CHIRP was pretty awesome. It showed a lot more detail than my previous finder. The chart is cluttered and I need to figure out how to dumb it down a bit so the maps aren't showing a million things.

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