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Yankee @ the ROC last report for 2016

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Saturday - Winds weren't nice. Delayed the charter a few hours. Made it out to 100'. Put the Hammerhead cowbells down and headed North to find the motherload. We found them in 180-220' of water, and they were coming as fast as we could get them down. Played with them for a little while until we had a sick crew member. Silver/Blue and Silver/Glow cowbells were all we put down with peanuts and A-TOM-MIK flies.


Sunday - We tried combat trolling, but the weeds out front annoyed me. We fished Salmon in the mid water 30-60' and not a sniff. Picked up ran to Irondequoit and fished 50' of water down to Hedges and back. Poked 12 or 13 Brown Trout. Nothing huge. They ate DW Martell SS's, and Stingers in Ludington, Frost Bite, and a UV Black Tuxedo.



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Thanks Rick for all your positive influence and to the T posts. Sadly yet another year comes to an end, where does the time go? This year the winds were terrible pretty close to the worse I've seen, at least on the east end. They say there's always next year? With a lot of luck from the fish gods and Mother Nature, next year will be better!!!

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