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1/2/2017 Lake O Troll

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Weather was looking good so we tried for a new year troll. Pulled out of bear creek at o dark 30. Wind was a steady east with some nice rollers mixed in later, that also kept the water cooler and we could only find a high of 37 degrees, range was 34-37. Started out with a mix of long sticks and short sticks, ended the day with all shorts as thats what they really wanted. Numbers were good and we saw a few more stud toads than norm. All were sent back to fight another day.

Goof luck to everyones new season


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hey dan,bring your boat up,we took a ride out to the lake today,we pull into mexico point and there sits a  truck and trailer,the lake was dead flat,i was drooling myself.so we sat there for a bit and in comes the boat with 4 guys on it,was hoping to get a fishing report,but once they got the boat on the trailer,they started unloading guns instead of poles!!!!!

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On January 3, 2017 at 9:58 AM, TileMan Dan said:

I'm Jealous. Tried Black River on Sunday no luck.

Hey Dan, what part of the Black River were you fishing Dexter?

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