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Just did a EV-100 install in Sept./Oct. on 25ft Pursuit w/ 250HP Yammie.   Got the commissioning done and a shakedown run before pulling the plug. Did the install myself, but had help on the hydraulic line bleeding. Can't wait to get back in the water. 

I fished with a buddy last summer who put one on an older 27ft Pursuit with twin inboards and it handled it fine. 

Good luck with your decision


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I looked at the manual in the box, and it seemed like the directions were a bit weak.

Did you have any problem getting the installation completed with the documentation provided?

Hooking up the wiring did not seem to difficult, but the hydraulics section seemed to be quite vague.


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I use an EV200 and Sportpilot on my IO.  It works pretty good. Tracks straight, zig zags, etc.  Love it.  I had the drive unit back to Raymarine once for new clutch pads, but turn around time was only 2 weeks.  I really wish I could find somewhere to have hydraulic steering installed on the boat.   

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