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It's our second day fishing in 2017 and we did better today than yesterday after getting skunked on our first outing.



Nice green water are found along the shoreline between. Irondequoit bay and Hedges. Temps ranged from 44-46 degrees. Fished from 8 to 20 fow.


Classic spring planer board set up includes 6 rods Spread with stick baits and flutter lures on each riggers.


The vintage finish lure - F-11 Rapala Goldfish took this beast.



My buddy nailed this big brown that's a little over 15# which was caught very close to the Webster Park. Pier heads could hear us shouting out with joy over this large trout.


We did another Brown and Steele.


It was a great day out there. Everything ran good on the boat.


Have a safe and happy fishing season.



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Hillside - thanks. I felt that the fishing yesterday became difficult with the shift in the wind with the north east wind pushing in cold water along with cold air. I ran the spread the pretty the same. I think we should have turned west instead of east with the ne wind pushing the warm water against the other side toward the Braddock bay.

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