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Engine help

Merc 230 HP inboard with Thunderbolt ignition - engine turns over and not getting any spark - replaced distributor cap, rotor, ignition sensor and coil and still not getting any spark.


Before I get a marine mechanic involved any ideas what else to check?



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You probably already have but make sure you have power to the purple / + side of the coil both static with the switch on & when your turning it over. Also check the main engine harness plug for corrosion. 

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Check the shift interrupter switch to see if its stuck in the closed position, if its a I/O. Usually located on the secondary shift cable above the outdrive. I believe you can disarm [ to see if its the issue ] it by following one wire to coil and removing it. If it is the "pointer" , it can be adjusted so its not always engaged.

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