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Canandaigua Lake Trout Fishing

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Hi, kinda new to the trolling game. Looking for advice on trolling Canandaigua lake for trout (all species). What to run (spoons, stickbaits, or something else), colors, and speed, and depths to start out at.


I am fishing out of a 17.5' Lund Rebel with a 90hp mercury and amish buggy trolling bags to help with speed control. I have a couple mag 10's and some rods set up for downrigging, dipsys, and planers. Thanks in advance.


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Or stop at suttons and get some 31s and 44s, they work best on fingerlakes with the gambler rigs a close 2nd,l.  I like 1.2-1.5 with suttons, also go early because it seems like when the boat traffic gets heavy the bite slows down 

I'm hoping to stop there tomorrow....been thru naples millions of times and spent most of my summers in cohocton as a kid and grew up in Canandaigua and never been there.

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Stop at Suttons and ask if they have any Hermlock spinners, they are a swabelly meat rig 

that works well behind a small Dodger. Watch your sonar and set your Down riggers just under the bait balls

Start out at about 2 mph and vary your speed by zig zaging a bit. The fish can be suspended about anywhere 

so cruse around a bit looking with sonar before setting up. I would start on the west side south of Tichners point

and work south to start.


Dr W

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Good tip about the hemlock spinners if you can get beforehand. Stop at the Bait Barn between Naples and Middlesex or call there foirst and ask if they have any sawbellies live or frozen (frozen is actually better in terms of getting it to spin right). Run them behind the downriggers (6-10 ft) and/or the dipsey and spinney or flasher out 250-350. vary your trolling speed. Thermocline should be running between about 50-80 ft about now if you don't have a temp device. A lot of times about this time you can run right down the center of the lake. Fish below 70 ft for the lakers and in the 50-70 range for rainbows. Small spoons for the bows and trolled pretty fast, lakers slower 2.0-2.3  You could also run sliders on each rigger for rainbows above the hemnlocks (could have slight tangle but may be worth it). Troll Sutton spoons at slower speeds than the other spoons you may try.... again... usually 2.0 to 2.3 or 2.4 at the fastest for laker action. if after silvers exclusively fish specifically for them ....middle of the lake  troll 2.4-3.2 small (non Suttons) spoons orange and copper, silver/copper, blue/silver, green/silver Vary your speed frequently, make a lot of (careful) turns. Good luck.

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