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Transom replacement material

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Has anyone used King Starboard or similar plastic as the material when replacing a transom in an aluminum boat? The original wood backer that is inside the transom is wood. My concern is whether the starboard has enough strength for this application. The starboard website says motor mounts are an application, however real word experience means more.


I like the idea of plastic as it will never rot.


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Starboard will bend, its not the right stuff for that, its tensile strength is totally wrong! Over time or in heat it will warp awful with the weight attached to it. Please dont use it..  Look for a exterior ply wood they have at lows its called a project plywood. Its 3/4 inch thick and 7 ply with no voids. its made with exterior glue ( I cut a piece and boiled it in water for 30 mins no delamination at all was perfect)   (that's the standard test but at only 10 mins) ..   It has a stupid weird name I can never remember  they sell it in 1/2 inch as well. This is the same as your marine grade ply but at half the price and available locally. You can glue a couple of the 3/4 layered together with some epoxy and then paint the whole works with some epoxy thinned with a bit of acetone. 

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