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Skaneateles 9/4/17 Skaneateles


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9/4/17 Skaneateles

I fished Skaneateles today with my wife and Net man Dean Belden from 10:30am-2:pm.  We decided to use the south end canal launch.  There was about 20 people there and it was a easy launch.  We got out to the lake without any issues and decided to hit the west shore.  I dug through my spoon collection for some small Needlefish spoons I bought on a tip almost 10 years ago just for this lake.  I put one out on a 200' copper and I caught a Rainbow everytime I crossed a point.  I couldn't believe it.  The second time I hooked up it was another huge silver on the 200'  I had a small 16' alluminum boat that was going to go between me and my jumping fish but i managed to wave him off.  I expect he knew what i was trying to tell him because my big silver was jumping 40' off his bow lol.  Needless to say didn't land that fish but grateful for the cooperation.  We got back to the launch and it was Extremely full.  I would say it was over full and might think twice about launching there on a weekend ever again.  Ended 6 for 8  only two lakers. Biggest Bow was 25" Great mid day trip.  Very impressed with this fishery.





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Mako20,  is the Glen Haven launch very steep? Is it a good piece of pavement leading into the water?  


I tow/launch a 16 ft Starcraft with a Corolla.....that works most places, but if the launch is busted up any, or is too steep getting the boat out, I have problems.   Thanks for any info.

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