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Out of I-Bay 10-1

We left the bay around 6.45 am and headed for the Genny ,but we really did not want to get in between all the boats going back and forth in front of the river so we decided to go deeper and take advantage of the scum lines. Sure enough the currents and temperature were all over the place and there was a stiff south western breeze which made it unpleasant to turn around. So out we went . Over one hundred feet down,the screen started showing a steady stream of bait and hooks at about a hundred feet down. Down went the probe and sure enough there was a very steady thermocline. We set up just above and below. In the next 30 minutes or so we hooked into 2 very large 2 year old kings that were nice and silvery and if that was not enough, when we reached 123 we doubled up on cohos both in the 14/15 pound range. The size of the 2 year olds points at a very good food supply. let's hope for a mild winter so next year we may have veritable monsters in the lake. With four in the box we made our way back to the hot spots ,but the fish were gone. we stayed in the general area until about eleven when we decided to to make a last run over our marks. But where the probe had marked 50 degree water earlier at a hundred feet, now the temperature was 64 to 67. instead of salmon we hooked into a nice brown which we sent back to grow up. All in all a very pleasant day on our beautiful lake

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I usually fish for browns until the end of November and only then do I winterize.

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It was roughly north and a bit east of the river,but the mass of cold water that these fish were in has moved at roughly 2 miles per hour to I don't know where, so you really should not take what was yesterday as a starting point for tomorrow

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