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Ice Fishing


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Most of the ice anglers use a depth finder for depth for one and they can see if a fish has come in to their bait, if the fish doesn’t take the bait right away the can entice the fish by jigging faster or move the bait above the fish and hope for a reaction bite. That’s just a few things, Someone way more experienced than I can chime in here, but that’s a start anyway. Hope this helps you understand a little better of the hard water fishing!! PAP.

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On 1/10/2018 at 10:54 PM, stan said:


that sure does, I see all these posts on Facebook, Thought it was kind of funny to have a fishfinder on a hole.

Now make sense in the way you described it

Nope I don't way to ice fish





I usually only put the transducer of my Vexilar(sonar flasher) into the hole that i am jigging in, in water that is up to around 20' deep, for the reasons that Pap has already outlined.  However, if I am fishing deeper water, and 4 holes through my shack, I will drill a 5th hole, in the middle of the 4 that I am fishing in, and the deeper water will allow the transducer cone angle to cover all 4 of my ines.  This way I can see if there are fish approaching any of my baits. :)



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I use a handheld depth sounder, but I don’t use a fishfinder very often, as I mainly fish shallower water. Ice fishing is just like hunting. It takes effort to get ready but the experience is worth it - takes your mind off of everyday life.

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If someone can rig up a transducer to a cell phone and write and app, all the millennials will take up ice fishing!!!!!  How did anyone ever catch a fish in the old days?????  :lol::lol:

LOL. Right on - my best ice fishing rod was a homemade stick with a piece of black tip up braid attached. That’s after taking time to drill a hole by hand with a dull cup shape hand auger or finding spots where ice shacks had been.

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