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striper fishing the Kingston NY and north

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ok guys this year I would like to hire a charter/ guide to go with me on my own boat and show me the ropes fishing stripers. I have all my Lake O and finger lakes tackle and can buy a few things needed.


Any suggestions on a guide who would be willing to talk to me a few weeks ahead of time. tell me how to rig all my own gear and tell me what I need to add and then go out on my boat and show me all the ropes as a teacher not a captain  

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1 hour ago, Mjford16 said:

What dates are you looking for?

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when the fishing is good lol

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Your better off just getting a charter and picking his brain. You’ll do better that way.        Any good captain will be set up to 

run worms or chunk.  Or troll.   And they all use diff tackle.     All this depends on the water temp and what the fish will want that day.    Sure you can drag rappalas around and catch scholies  but if u want big fish.   You use bait.  Everyone has huge live wells and run fresh chunk or live herring  Big bait catches big fish            Capt nick Lange out of Kingston will put u on Fish  and you’ll have a good time.  


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We've caught big females trolling out of Kingston. Here's a couple things to keep in mind: You really need to keep the boat in the water down there because you need to fish the tides, not be trying to put a boat in the water & that winds up meaning you need to have a camper down there. This what we do.

It can be tough to find the Stripers w/o a thru hull transducer because they move around quite a bit and if you have to slow down to a crawl to get a picture on the screen it will take time but that is what we have done up till now.

I would start out trolling because you are set up for it but we have learned to use  whole live/chunk too once we have located fish.If you want to fish bait you will have to go up a creek to catch them on sabiki rigs(remember to take the last hook off to be legal in NY) and have a very large recirculating tank because the herring are not very hardy.

It's kind of a big commitment to learn this short lived fishery but it is exciting. If you have more questions feel free to ask.


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