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I would also recommend looking into the gimbals mounts for your riggers and rod holders.  They just slide into your existing rod holders and no drilling or mounting is required.  Easy to take out and put in.  Works excellent for rod trees as well.  Great lakes planners has all the accessories if not some good on line photos for rod holders and mounting options for you to look at.  The trax are nice but once you drill you are committed.

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GM did the t-top come on your boat or is it something that you added? Would love to find one just like that when I can recover some $$. 

Hi the T-Top came with the boat when I bought it. I know some mentioned gimbal mounts instead of drilling. I tried that the issue is with the 17-18’ foot fishing platform the stern got too crowded and I found I didn’t have enough space to run 2 dipseys, like wire and braid (on each rod) or combo like dipsey and lead core. I found that the hard way with a few tangles. Nothing more annoying than wasting time trolling a tangle. While drilling is a commitment adding the 2 cannon tracks was the best thing I did! It gave me so much more room to work with. Because if you use the cannon or traxtech rod holder (or similar product) you can angle them down so the rods are parallel to the water, this gives you a rod length of extension out each side of the boat. If I were to change anything I wish I installed longer cannon tracks and also ones for my Downriggers (at stern). Because then you can change out your Downrigger by simply sliding them out. You still may need to use planner boards to move your dipseys and lead core or copper further out to the side of your going to troll with more than 1 rod on either side. Hope this helps. Take up the offers to go out and learn from experienced fisherman!
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