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Okuma Convector 30....spooling #30 wire

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On 7/9/2018 at 1:56 PM, rvazque2 said:

I have no backer their is still some room on spool but it works perfect. Legacy is far more knowledgeable than me as I am new to this so 300’ is likely correct as for x2 that guy was just agreeing with legacy I believe. 

Working properly and being accurate are two different things... yeah they will function fine with just 1000ft of wire on them. BUT will 100 on the counter really equal 100ft of wire out? Answer is probably not (depending on reel).

If you're doing two reels here is what you do to be sure....
Spool 1000ft of wire onto reel #1 (tape the wire to the spool it's just temporary)
Add 300ft of 30lb mono on top of the wire
Measure out 100ft in your lawn
Walk off the 100ft and check your counter
If your counter reads 100 at the 100ft mark attach the mono to the spool of reel #2 with arbor knot and wind everything off reel #1 onto reel #2.
If your counter is off, add or subtract mono until your counter reads 100 at the 100ft mark, note the amount of line you added/subtracted. Reel #1 onto reel #2.
Add that same amount of mono to reel #1 and put your 1000ft of wire on top and you have 2 reels that are dead nuts on.

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On 7/9/2018 at 12:47 PM, toothyfishman said:

So......no backer

300 feet of backer

600 feet of backer

Not much help



Absolutely needs backer to fill the spool full. 300' of 30# mono will do the trick.

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