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Cayuga Lake Free For All 3

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......wow... this is supposed to be fun......starting to get confusing :? :? .

Lets get this back into perspective.

This all started by a little chat between fishing buddies about having a fish-off between us. We thought we’d ask a couple other buddies that usually fish around each other most of the season, probably 4 to 5 boats in all. Well.....then someone (guess who) came up with the idea of getting a couple more of our LOU brothers & sisters that fish the area to join us so we could meet in person and the rest of the story is posted here and previous posts.

Regardless of how this whole thing goes down I’m going to be in a fish-off.....no money and no B$ :shock: .....just lots of fun. I really don’t want to get bogged down with all the crap like the rest of the tournaments. That’s way we’re doing this to begin with. I think that we should all adhere to the KISS method and leave it at that ;) . Simplest being we pick a day, all go fishing, have some fun and meet mid day for some social time and try to out brag the rest of the group.

.....so anyway to start the ball rolling: :arrow:

Rule #1 - all NY State fishing and boating laws to be followed (this is for the benefit of the fish police)

Rule #2 - bragging is permitted but some restraint should be shown if a fellow fishermen starts crying ;(

Rule #........any more rule are up to the rest of you

As it stands now I’ll have to leave a dozen or more rods home in order to comply with rule #1. I know Chaos will be glassing my boat to be sure I’m a good boy and behave myself and I wouldn’t be surprised if Strike 3 & `frisco take turns on the glasses also.

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Here's a rule, I believe in most events, organizers and their families aren't allowed to enter or win prizes ;):D so despite all the hard work at the keyboard picking on the "little guy" in the small boat (big enough to get the job done :lol:) I don't think Stinger or Chaos should be invited to the so-far-nameless event... and especially the BBQ. :lol:

Really, though, Stinger's rule #1 and #2 sound pretty good. :D Something more friendly than competitive is great, shouldn't need more than "have fun" except maybe a start time.

From the lack of posts maybe most people don't care and just want to have fun? Maybe we need the simpliciity of a multiple choice poll... clicking a button sure is easier than typing all these letters and words!

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Yea we tried to get some trash talk going . It was just in fun though.I suggest the best legal one man limit per boat. Wins period. No difference between how many are in the boat or how you fish. troll. jig. bait. etc. I havent looked in a couple years but I think its 5 fish ,3 lakers plus 2 trout or salmon .Someone please correct me if im wrong.

Also some type of time period daylight till say 2 PM Weigh in at 3 PM .One day would be enough for me also. I can aways make Sundays but Saturdays are aways questionable.

Keeping it simple and having fun is the object.

Just a suggestion for a one man limit.{that I think is 5 fish}

Each Laker =2pts

Largest laker of day =4pts

Each Brn trout= 3pts

largest brn of day =4pts

Each LLock = 4 pts

largest of day = 5pts

Each Rainbow=5pts

Say you catch 3 lakers and one is largest of the day your total would be 10 pts. You get 2 pts for each fish plus 4 bonus points.

It would work the same way for all the species of fish.

Of course all fish would have to be legal size.

You would not need all 5 fish to be elligable to win.

Highest score wins all. In the event of a tie the freshest looking, best kept catch wins.

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Guest guppy2

We like the idea of a points derby.There has never been one on Cayuga.Since this will be a fun event,one day would be fine with us also.What do we do in case of bad weather....alternate date?????Chaos,do we need a rendevouz?????Our honeyhole is miles away from where you have been talking(LP).I'd like to see us launch where we wish and meet up for the weigh in and cook out at a designated location.............Zeke(Strike 3)

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Chaos,I was thinking five gills at 2 points each + 4 is 14 points. Not enought to win so no one will be mad at me but still look good. I could be back at the dock by 8:00 while the rest of you battle it out. I don't think we need any rules other than those of the DEC. Oh,start and finish time. Lets go by the honor sys.

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just got home 14 hrs in car with wife,we didnt fight (much) i think that counts for quality time ,,,gonna log that in for ammo for fishing trip, we used to do 5 card draw bass derby 1 card for each legal fish released ,honor system anyone can win no mater how many rods in the,i mean no matter how good they can catch fish sorta levels things out without killing more fish than we need ,it still would be ok to keep em if anyone wanted plus a couple would be needed for stix to fry up for us after fishing,,,,a lunker in each spiecies could be updated on radio so if some one had a 10 lbr ten 7 lbrs wont be brought in for nothing

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Your right Stinger lets keep this simple. Can I run 5 tipdowns off the boards and two jiging rods? I thank the DEC will be waiting for use at the dock. Are we just fishing fore trout or is it wide open???

....well W4 you should be able to do something close to that. The jigging rods off the boat is no problem. The tip ups can be used if they are not connected to the boat (then they would be considered additional lines). Take eack tipup and tie it to a little kids blowup ring for swimming pools. Then attach the bait and float it :shock: . I think the regulations read something like you must be in close attendance to the tipups.....it's stuff like this that gets me into trouble 8) .......just to be sure read the regs and if you can make it legal then go for it.

We may have to consider a "Most Creative Catch :roll: " catagory. Chaos can work on that.

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1 man limit with the points is a great idea. However, I would like it if we had a small fee to get some sort of trophy or plaque for the winner. 5 bucks a boat ought to do it. I like the no money thing. Thats what the other derby's are for.

This is for braggin rights only! :lol


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